Death of Windows XP

Windows XP will be pulled from the shelves in less than 3 months time. The official finale will be observed June 30, 2008. Many people are up in arms over this. There is even a petition to keep XP on the shelves. As the date nears, I am advising people who will be in the market for a new computer between now and 2010 to try Linux.

Try it, that’s all I ask. Linux has advanced dramatically from it’s conception in 1991. There are several distributions, or flavors, that offer a LiveCD or LiveDVD. A LiveCD/LiveDVD is simply a copy of Linux that runs directly from a burned CD/DVD. It installs nothing to your computer, so you aren’t forced to do anything to your computer except drop the disc in and reboot.

Many of these LiveCDs allow you to install Linux after you have tried it. For a newbie, or noob(pronounced the same way), Ubuntu is your best bet. Anyone with a blank CD-R, a CD burner, and a high speed internet connection (or a friend with high speed) can do it.

Linux is different from Windows; however the KDE desktop environment is very similar to Windows and comes with a Redmond* Theme that looks almost exactly like Windows XP. The programs are called different names, but you can enjoy a lot of the same programs, like Firefox.

I know, some of you might be saying, “What about my games?” They’ve got most of them covered too. There’s a Windows Emulator** called Wine. There’s also a program call PlayOnLinux which sets everything up for many many Windows programs, including my favorite game, WoW.

So, give it a try! You might be sorely disappointed, but I doubt you’ll be that disappointed.

* Microsoft is based in Redmond, WA. Hence the name.

** An emulator is a program, or set of programs, that allows you to run a different system of software, such as Playstation or Windows.