Networking Day 6: Shared folders

Sharing a folder is an easy way to copy files from one computer to another. Windows shares work with Windows, MacOS and linux.

Setting your computer’s name
Right-click on My Computer and then click Properties. Under the name tab, you can setup the name. Your computer will reboot after you click OK. This step is not neccessary if you are using a static IP address.

Setting up a share on Windows
Sharing a folder is a snap. Right-click on a folder you want to share and then click “Sharing ans Security”. If you have never shared a folder before, click the link and tell it to enable sharing. Give the share a name. Check the box if you want other people to write to files or create files in this folder.

Connecting to a share on Windows
Click on the Start Button, then click on “Run…”. In the box type “\\COMPUTERNAME\” replacing COMPUTERNAME with the name of your computer or it’s IP address. Click OK and it will show you all the shares on that computer.

You can map a shared folder to a drive, like “Z:\”. Simply, right-click on a shared folder and select “Map Network Drive”. From that popup, select your drive letter. Click OK and you’re done. That drive will attempt to reconnect everytime the computer is booted.