Networking Day 7: Extending your wifi range

General Wifi Range is 75 feet if the line from you to the router is completely open. Most of the time, you have lots of things between you and the router — walls, wires, pipes, etc. Many times you’ll find that 35 feet is where the signal gets tempermental.

There are two basic types of wifi extender antennae. Both types connect to the same connector that your basic antenna uses. You may need an adapter though. Some laptops do not have a connector for an antenna, so double check before you go out and buy one for your laptop.

Unidirectional Antennae will boost the signal in one direction only. The best use is when you have a clear line of sight, but are a distance away.

Omnidirectional antennae will boost your signal in all directions. This is helpful if you have a router in the center of your home and the signal in the far corners isn’t all that.

Wireless Access Points
This is like having a second wireless router. If you don’t have a wireless router, you can add one of these to your network to give you wireless access.

There are many reasons why you would add an access point.

  1. If you want to limit access to the internet for your child, just take the power cord to bed with you.
  2. Place it on the porch for access outside.
  3. The list goes on.