Cafe World Cheat

UPDATE 3/18/2010: I have created some tools to help at Included are a cooking suggestion tool, more cheats and tricks, a forum, even a spice tool.

UPDATE 2/6/2010: Cafe World upgraded their game this past week. Instead of a plant, you must use a chair or  table now to block your employees.

Recently, I’ve been playing Cafe World on Facebook. It’s one of those games that you play in spurts, cooking food. It’s quite addicting, and leveling goes fairly quick. I’ve figured out an easy cheat that anyone can do.

You can block your employees behind serving counters and they don’t have to walk to the tables. They pick up the food and it magically appears on the table. Also, the employee will “clean” the counter directly in front of them, leaving all servings there and a plate in the dining room disappears.

There is a trick to doing this. You have to block them in with a small object. I use a plant:

Employees trapped between 2 walls, a wall of counters, and a plant.

The plant was even a gift from a neighbor. This is super simple and can help raise your buzz rating.